RFID Solutions

Vizbee produces comprehensive RFID solutions and RTLS systems for locating and tracking assets and people, allowing rapid and riskless deployment of projects in various vertical markets.

  • Passive RFID, Active RFID, GPS/GPRS, GSM Ultrasonic etc.
  • Mix and match the best-suited technologies for your RFID projects
  • Hardware integration
  • Out-of-the-box RTLS
  • Innovative graphical interface
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Single generic platform for many applications
  • Robust performance & functionnality
  • Code-free, parameter-driven customization
  • Scalable and evolves with customer's needs
  • Open architecture and APIs for seamless integration with third party systems
  • Fully updatable

RFID Applications implemented in a few days, without risk 



Online inventory for chain stores                    

The online inventory solution for chain stores that  increases efficiency and boost sales : fast inventories, accurate location of products, control of the content in closed cartons, detection of misplaced  items, audio assisted product searching, and more ...




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“As the director of an 18 in-patient hospice unit, I have found the Vizbee staff locator system to be of invaluable benefit to our patient care team.  In the spirit of maintaining a quiet, calm environment without pagers, an intercom or cell phones, the tracker system allows us to find all of our staff in a simple, cost effective,  efficient and  un-obtrusive manner.  The Vizbee consultants were very helpful in designing a custom system for us; have been responsive to refinements with usage, and have demonstrated unparalleled customer service.”

"Joyce Mason RN
Director of Clinical Services





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