Fast and User Friendly Customization

One platform | Any application | Any RFID technology

A comprehensive, parameter-driven platform for the rapid deployment of RFID tag systems for any application or industry

  • Multi-application
  • Multi-tag support
  • Parameter-driven customization
  • Evolves with system needs
  • Open, flexible architecture and APIs for multi-system integration
  • Integration with GPS/GPRS/GSM

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The advent of RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tags that emit and receive wireless signals over long distances of up to several kilometers, has changed the face of the security industry, and enabled a wide range of important applications for their use in asset tracking, healthcare, perimeter security, real-time location, security guard tracking, retail sales and more. RFID tags can be incorporated in objects, animals or people for identification in wireless sensor networks. RFID systems can also monitor in realtime presence and location, as well as other parameters, such as movement, tampering, verticality, temperature, humidity and more. Until now, putting this technology to work in the field meant custom-designed projects that required significant man-hours of coding and development – at a cost often prohibitive for industries that could benefit greatly from active RFID technology. The Vizbee generic RFID platform makes this technology an accessible, cost-effective and viable solution for a wide range of applications and industries.

The Vizbee generic platform is a comprehensive, fully integrated solution, including all RFID software and hardware, such as tags, receivers, exciters and repeaters. It can monitor in real-time thousands of tags (people or assets) their presence, location, as well as other parameters.

One platform. Endless applications.

Vizbee’s parameter-driven platform enables quick and easy implementation of RFID projects – for any size application. Centered on a generic core, where parameters are adjusted or modified, you can quickly and cost-effectively deploy RFID applications in a fraction of the time of today’s complex applicationspecific systems – with no need for hardware integration.

  • Asset/personnel protection
  • Security guard tracking
  • Intrusion protection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Logistics
  • Retail

Best-of-breed through and through

There are numerous RFID technologies available today, and each has specific advantages relative to a specific application’s requirements and constraints. The Vizbee platform supports all of today’s leading RFID technologies, as well as the ability to use different technologies within the same project. With the Vizbee platform you can select the best-suited RFID technology for each project.

Code-free, parameter-driven customization

With the Vizbee generic RFID platform, you get the most specific customization possible simply by setting parameters without having to write a single line of code. The sophisticated rule engine uses parameters to set complex security and management rules, and creates interactive relationships between different domains of the same application. These parameters can be set at any time by the System Administrator, and requires no coding or software expertise.

Open platform extends your reach

The Vizbee generic RFID platform has an open architecture. The platform includes an SDK and sophisticated bi-directional APIs for seamless, interactive integration with all types of complementary systems, such as video surveillance systems, video analytics, access control, intrusion, fire, sound systems, marketing watch, email, SMS and more.

Evolves with your business

The Vizbee generic RFID platform is a fully updatable package. As new features and technologies become available, customers will receive release updates. As a result, installed Vizbee platforms will always remain state-of-the-art—with full backward compatibility and no down time for updating to new versions.

Innovative user experience

The Vizbee generic RFID platform was designed with the user in mind. The intuitive multi-lingual human interface is map-driven, and gives a comprehensive visual overview of system status at any point in time. Most actions are performed from the main screen with one button click.

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The Vizbee RTLS platform was built to address the need for flexibility and ease of deployment on one hand, and users' need to for tailored applications that suit specific requirements. With this in mind, the Vizbee platform offers:

  • Compatibility with a wide range of hardware
  • Deployment flexibility
  • A single and intuitive map-driven User Interface
  • A unique, single central engine for ease of installation
  • The ability to run multiple application in a single platform for ease of use
  • Integration with GPS systems for global tracking

Developed by seasoned IT professional over the Microsoft .NET framework, the Vizbee generic RTLS platform combines the robustness of a proven technology together and years of experience in a solid, open, stable system.

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