INVENTIVE™ & V- LOG™ RFID based warehouse management & Logistics

Vlog and Inventive for assets inventoryINVENTIVE ™ , the Vizbee Inventory application, enables localizing and controlling warehouses stock level for thousands of products in real-time.

V-LOG ™, the Vizbee Logistics application, manages suppliers’ deliveries, preparation of orders, packing lists and the shipments, etc.

Managing the warehouse’s stock in real-time

Inventive’s and V-LOG’s rich set of dashboards provide a real-time view and control of stock levels, incoming goods, order preparations, shipments, container tracking, and other typical warehouse activities.

Visual alerts are prompted on the relevant dashboards upon detecting deviations from schedule, item shortages, errors on orders, product expiry dates, unauthorized access, and so forth.

Using intelligent handheld RFID readers

Inventive™ and V-LOG™ include sophisticated software modules for handheld readers. The combination of Inventive and V-LOG with handheld readers significantly improves the operations’ efficiency and opens an entire new era in the logistics and warehouse management fields, allowing full traceability on all activities. A unique set of interfaces, specially designed for handheld devices, ensures intuitive and user friendly operation.

At any point in time, the handheld readers can send all data stored in its local memory to the Server via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB connection.

Inventory recording

Swipe with the Inventive handheld throughout the warehouse to accurately record the inventory and use the Update function to transmit the information to Inventive server. The uniqueness of RFID codes prevents double counting of products. Checking the inventory is now a matter of minutes.

Picking orders

V-LOG downloads the details of the order to be prepared from the server to the handheld readers. Upon picking an item for an order with the handheld reader, the item is automatically removed from the list and from the company’s inventory, and is allocated to said order, thereby eliminating any possible human error.

Task management

V-LOG allows defining complex tasks, assigning them to a specific person and monitoring their executions through RFID and other readings.

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