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Vizbee RFID Handheld Reader for Advanced Inventory Management

Modern inventory control systems traditionally based on barcodes are rapidly being replaced by RFID tag systems for automatic merchandise and inventory management. In most cases, barcodes allow no differentiation between identical products. With RFID tags, each and every inventory item has a unique ID number. In addition, barcodes must be read with a reader in close proximity, one at a time, which further limits functionality. RFID readers can read literally hundreds of unique RFID tags in a single swipe – from a distance of ten feet (three meters) or more.

But until now, RFID handheld readers were limited to basic scanning and required uploading to servers for processing of scanned data.

rfid handheld reader for advanced inventory management


The Vizbee RFID Handheld Reader for Advanced Inventory Management turns passive RFID handheld readers into intelligent, programmable devices that deliver real-time, “pseudo online” functions and features. Automatic alarms on handheld devices deliver real-time alerts if assets are found in unauthorized areas, if assets are missing, or specific assets do not comply with rules predefined on the Vizbee server – even before data is synchronized with the Vizbee Inventory Management System (VIMS) desktop.



Intelligent functionality on RFID handheld readers
The Vizbee Inventory Management System (VIMS) installs software on the RFID Handheld Reader. For greater convenience, setting parameters for the RFID Handheld Reader applications, such as groups, rules, user profiles and more, are carried out on the Vizbee desktop.

The VIMS downloads these settings to the RFID Handheld Reader. A unique set of interfaces, specially designed for handheld devices, ensures intuitive, user-friendly operation. At any point in time, all data that is stored in handheld readers can be uploaded and synchronized with the VIMS via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB connection.

This new approach, combining the powerful intuitive parameter-driven VIMS with the technical capabilities of advanced handheld readers, opens an entire new area of applications for handheld RFID devices for both Online and Offline operation.

rfid handheld reader contains vizbee inventory tracking software

Handheld Functionality: Overview

Username, Password

Assign tag to assets 
Key the asset SKU or other ID number, followed by reading RFID tag.

Assign tags to barcode-marked assets
When replacing barcodes with unique RFID codes, the Assign function scans the barcode and then reads the RFID tag.

Bulk tag assignment 
When tagging identical items the Bulk function allows reading a single barcode or typing the item name and associating it with all the RFID tags read with a single swipe. The registration date is recorded, allowing priority shipping by storage date.

Record inventory 
Swipe with the handheld reader throughout the warehouse to accurately record inventory and synchronize with the Vizbee VIMS. The unique RFID code prevents double counting.

Record inventory and locations 
Assign tags to zones or shelves throughout the warehouse. Swipe with the RFID handheld reader to record all inventory items, their specific locations, and then upload this information to the Vizbee VIMS.

Actual vs. recorded inventory by zone or item 
Select locations or items and swipe with the RFID handheld reader to immediately alert if a product is missing. This information is then transmitted to the VIMS.

Identify misplaced products 
Swipe location tags and items in a zone. An audio alert is sounded when items belonging to another zone are detected.

Choose an item from a dropdown menu and browse a specific zone or entire warehouse. When the reader is directed at the item being searched for, an audio message is played.

Check stock level 
Minimum and maximum levels can be defined for each item type in specific zones. When scanning each zone, an audio alert is automatically sounded if a deviation from predefined levels is detected. The full details of the deviations are displayed on the RFID handheld reader screen. This information is then synchronized with the Vizbee VIMS.

Change location 
The handheld Move function allows moving an item from one location to another. When synchronized with the VIMS, the location of the item will be updated.

Picking order 
When selecting an order all items in a specific order are displayed on the handheld device. When an employee scans and moves the item to prepare for shipping, the item is removed from the order list.

Complete orders 
Select an order from a dropdown menu. Swipe all the items selected for the order to check that the order is complete before shipment.

Use the Container function to replace individual items by a single Container ID Tag. Scan all the items in a carton or container, followed by scanning the Container tag. The system now recognizes this single container or carton tag code for all the items in the carton or container. Synchronize with the Vizbee VIMS to upload information.

The Vizbee Platform for Inventory Management
The Vizbee RFID Handheld reader is an integral part of the Vizbee Inventory Management System (VIMS). The Vizbee VIMS is a comprehensive, solution for expert inventory management and control, tracking the location and status of inventory items and assets in real-time. The Vizbee VIMS generates automatic rule-based alerts when an item, vehicle or pallet is missing, delayed, misplaced, or in violation of the pre-set rules. The Vizbee VIMS monitors thousands of tags, their presence, location, as well as other parameters, such as movement, tampering, verticality, temperature, humidity and more – in real-time. The Vizbee VIMS enables better inventory management in indoor or outdoor logistics environments, including yards, parking lots, transportation hubs, warehouses and distribution centers, reducing downtime, improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability.


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  • Task Management

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