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Inventive™ is Vizbee’s comprehensive solution for expert RFID inventory management and control, tracking the location and status of inventory items and assets in real-time.

Modern inventory tracking systems, traditionally based on barcodes, are nowadays being rapidly replaced by RFID tag systems for automatic merchandise and inventory management. This is mainly since RFID inventory management readers can read literally hundreds of unique RFID tags in a single swipe from a distance of ten feet or more, while with barcode reading the goods must be taken out of their cartons and read one at a time with a reader in close proximity. 

Each RFID tag item has a unique ID allowing differentiation between identical products.

Inventive’s rich set of inventory tracking system dashboards enables a constant real-time view and control of stock levels, incoming goods, order preparation, shipments and other typical warehouse activities.

Inventive™ generates automatic rule-based alerts when an item, vehicle or pallet is missing, delayed, misplaced, or in violation of the pre-set rules. It monitors the location of thousands of tags, as well as other parameters, such as temperature, humidity and more, in real-time. Inventive™ enables a better inventory tracking system in indoor or outdoor logistics environments, including yards, parking lots, transportation hubs, warehouses and distribution centers, reducing downtime, improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability.

Inventive™ monitors goods in all stages - from their ordering, through their warehousing and until their shipment to clients, and allows you to have a real-time comprehensive picture of goods received, inventory, preparation of orders and pick-up based on factual reading of RFID inventory management tags, avoiding thereby the inevitable costly human errors that are undermining the efficiency of the ERP systems in place.

Inventive™ reduces significantly the time of operations, avoids costly errors, controls the stock levels of all products and guarantees the traceability of all actions. All these factors enable the reduction of manpower costs and increase customer satisfaction, thereby offering an attractive ROI, often in less than one year, and enabling a the company's rapid growth.   

Real-time control of warehouse inventory and activities
Inventive’s rich set of dashboards enables a constant real-time view and control of stock levels, incoming goods, order preparation, shipments and other typical warehouse activities.

Visual alerts are prompted on the relevant dashboards upon deviation from schedule, item shortages, errors on orders, product expiry dates, unauthorized access, and so forth.

Inventive’s intuitive interface allows full warehouse control and optimization of warehouse activities through the RFID inventory management system.

RFID inventory management system shows items in inventory

Inventive™ items screen 

Managing the product flow through the warehouse

Inventive™  for  Handheld Reader
Inventive Handheld™ includes a sophisticated software module for Handheld Readers. The handheld reader is integral part of rfid inventory management systemcombination of the online Inventive™ with Inventive Handheld™  significantly improves the warehouse operations’ efficiency and opens an entire new area of applications for both Online and Offline operations, allowing full traceability on all activities.

A unique set of interfaces, specially designed for handheld devices, ensures intuitive user-friendly operation. At any point in time, Inventive Handheld™ can send all inventory tracking system data stored in its local memory to the Vizbee VMS via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB connection.

Receiving products
Untagged products are tagged upon receipt using Inventive Handheld™. The tagging includes the item’s SKU and a unique ID code.  Products can be either tagged one at a time, or in groups of identical products by using the Bulk tagging function selecting the product SKU from a list or by reading the product’s barcode.

Tagging products automatically confirms their receipt and registers them in the company’s inventory.
When the Inventive™ is interfaced with the company’s ERP system, the Inventive Handheld™  can check the matching between the order and the products received and decide whether to accept certain deviations or reject them.

Dispersal into the warehouse
Products are dispersed to their designated area in the warehouse. Using the Place function and reading the location tag followed by the products tags indicates to the RFID inventory management system that these products have been stored at this location.

Picking ordersinventory tracking system also helps pick items for orders
For each order that has to be prepared, Inventive Handheld™ retrieves all the order details from the IWIM. Upon picking an item for an order, it is automatically removed from the list and from the company’s inventory, and is allocated to the order.

Complete Orders
The Order Check function on the Inventive Handheld™ allows checking with a single swipe all the items selected for the order to ensure that the order is complete before shipment.

Creating a container
The Container function on the Inventive Handheld™ allows replacing individual items by a single Container Tag ID. The container or carton tag represent all the items that have been inserted in said container or carton. 

Inventory management
Record inventory

Swipe with the Inventive Handheld™ throughout the warehouse to accurately record inventory and use the update function to transmit the information to the Inventive™ RFID inventory management system. The unique RFID code prevents double counting of products. Inventory checks are now a matter of minutes.

Record inventory and locations
Tags are assigned to zones or to shelves throughout the warehouse. Use the Inventive Handheld™ to read the location tag  followed by swiping inventory items in this location. Use the Inventive Handheld™ update function to send this information to Inventive™.

Actual vs. recorded inventory by zone or item
Select locations and swipe the products with the Inventive Handheld™. The products missing are immediately indicated on the Inventive Handheld™’s display. inventory tracking system checks actual vs recorded inventoryUse the Inventive Handheld™ updatefunction to send this information to the Inventive™ inventory tracking system.

Identify misplaced products
Swipe location tags and items in a zone. An audio alert is sounded when items belonging to another zone are detected.

Choose an item from a dropdown menu and browse a specific zone or entire warehouse. When the reader is directed at the item being searched for, an audio message is played. Variation in the audio intensity as you get closer to the item greatly facilitate searching specific items.

Check stock level
Minimum and maximum levels can be defined for each item. Among other options, Vizbee VMS enables to define these minimum/maximum levels, per product, per SKU, per warehouse, or per aggregation of several warehouses. Upon scanning warehouse areas and updating Inventive™, the inventory tracking system automatically raises an alert when it detects a deviation from the authorized stock level of a product.

Change location
Inventive Handheld™ move function allows moving an item from one location to another and updating the Inventive™ RFID management system on the new location.

Inventive™ traces movements of products between the company’s warehouses and shops, while retaining the company's global inventory.


Rule based warehouse and RFID inventory management
Vizbee VMS includes a powerful rule engine that allows defining a large variety of rules for each product just by setting parameters. Among other numerous options, Vizbee VMS enables controlling for each product, aging, expiration dates, temperature, humidity, authorized storage areas and more. Any deviation from a rule automatically triggers a reaction by the inventory tracking system that can be defined with parameters as a combination display of a blinking alert, sending SMSs or emails, setting of an audio siren, activating third party systems, context dependent instructions to the operator and more.

Inventive™ is an integral part of the Vizbee platform that includes other modules that can function simultaneously and interactively.

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