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The sheer volume of patients and medical staff in hospitals creates new challenges, and a need for a system that can regulate the human flow in these vast institutions, not only to ensure that each patient receives the right treatment in a timely fashion, but also to monitor the location of staff members in real time, enabling their work's efficacy and protecting them from potential threats.

Vizbee Healthcare ™ RFID Patient Tracking and Flow

True to the ancient principle of the medical profession to “do no harm” (Primum non nocere), using Vizbee's RFID patient tracking system ensures that

  • Every patient is accessible to a duress button in the form of his or her active RFID tag;
  • The right person gets the right treatment, by fail-safe identification of the patient and their updated status and condition;rfid patient tracking solutions
  • Patients with special needs or limitations, such as psychiatric or demented persons, are kept safe by monitoring their movement within the hospital. This will prevent access to limited zones and enable their swift location. At the same time, the system can enable the presence of such a patient in a specific zone or room when accompanied by a staff member, or in certain times, such as during the day in contrast to the night;
  • Babies in maternity wards are correctly paired with their mothers, and not handled or moved by unauthorized persons;
  • Hospitals and patients do not lose valuable time in unnecessary waiting for examinations or procedures. RFID tags can dramatically boost the efficacy of patient flow by moderating the progress in instances such as that of a newly admitted person, who faces a variety of examinations and tests. The ability to oversee the list of necessary procedures, their location and other variables such as real-time data on the backlog of other patients awaiting the same examination, enables the RFID patient tracking software to advise patients on the order of their various stations, as well as provide the patients with the exact location of their designated room;
  • The risk of contamination to new diseases by staff members treating other patients is dramatically diminished due to Vizbee's ability to regulate the hand-washing and disinfection patterns of hospital employees;
  • Effective control of contamination and vaccination is achieved in the case of the identification of a contaminated patient. This is thanks to Vizbee's ability to pinpoint the staff and other patients who were in contact with the contaminated individual.   

improve patient flow with patient tracking software

Vizbee Healthcare ™ RFID Staff Tracking and Flow

The security and safety of an institute's staff is the primary condition to its ability to function, and better serve those entrusted in its care. Using Vizbee's system will not only ensure the wellbeing of employees at hospitals, but also enable a more efficient monitoring of their location and tasks, by ensuring

  • Swift and accurate location of staff and the use of duress buttons in the case of attacks by patients or their family members;
  • The ability to retroactively monitor the exposure of patients with contagious conditions to staff members, other patients and equipment;
  • That demented and psychiatric patients are not mishandled or lost;
  • That valuable time is not lost in unnecessary waiting-times and lines of patients for examinations. By employing the Vizbee system on an incoming person facing numerous procedures or tests, the hospital can prioritize and create a flow of the order of the different stations, based on real-time information regarding the backlog at a certain room or facility and the progress that patient has already made as far as the exams he or she already underwent;
  • That medical insurers receive the most accurate means of evaluating the amount of time medical staff spent with a given patient, a function available to Vizbee RFID clients. 


Vizbee Healthcare – closing the gap and reducing costs

Until now, hospital RFID technology required significant software, specific developments and deployment, at a prohibitive costs for healthcare organizations. These solutions were also hard to maintain over the years as the entire maintenance cost were borne by each single customer; consequently these projects tended to become rapidly obsolete.

Whilst the success of any healthcare RFID solution depends critically on the freedom to select for each project the most suited hardware, the hardware vendors healthcare software packages are limited to their own hardware, Vizbee Healthcare™ closes this major gap. It includes a powerful parameterization tool, enabling the implementation of RFID patient tracking project in days to weeks only, without any risky specific developments. Being an end-to-end RFID patient tracking software solution or system and at the same time open to any RFID hardware, Vizbee Healthcare significantly reduces the total cost of RFID patient tracking project implementations, without compromising on the RFID hardware selection and without taking any risk.



Combining a robust infrastructure with advanced dedicated application

In order to offer a solid and advanced system, Vizbee combines the robust Vizbee Core with a dedicated RFID Healthcare Package.

The Vizbee Core provides services such as communicating with the RFID tags, RFID reader, database management, 3rd party integration, user permission and more. This warrants for a robust performing infrastructure.
The Vizbee core is highly scalable. It allows gradual implementation from a small partial project and up to large multi-site installations, in order to avoid the risk implicitly involved in big-bang operations.
Vizbee Core is an open system with exhaustive APIs to facilitate its integration with other systems in the organization in order to produce the overall the required processes.

Just Implement - A new approach to patient and staff tracking software projects Vizbee RFID Patient Tracking dramatically reduces the level of risk and costs involved in RFID applications implementation projects, by giving an end-to-end solution.

All that is needed now for a successful RFID patient tracking software project is to select the best suited hardware and implement Vizbee Healthcare™ in days or weeks by parameter settings only.

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